Virtual Data Room is a unique solution to most business problems associated with the transaction and storage of information. They are equipped with reliable security features that allow you to share documents and give them access to third parties. As the market is now overflowing with offers from VDR providers in this article we will review the best of them.

Firmex Review

Firmex is a reliable VDR provider that can be applied to many industries and perform a variety of transactions including transactions, litigation, and compliance. The provider provides its customers with security features such as:

  • Dynamic watermarks -protect the document from leakage or copying, indicate that the document belongs to a company
  • Configurable permissions – the administrator himself controls the access to any documents, different users may have different options
  • Expiration date – after the expiration date the user will no longer have access to any document or it will be automatically deleted from the VDR
  • Lock files – additional protection against leakage

Based on these features, it is clear that Firmex is an ideal option for document sharing and collaboration. It is aimed at users with any level of technical ability, which means that even those who don’t understand much about modern software can work with it. Firmex makes it easy to structure files with mass upload, drag-and-drop, and document indexing.

The data room management features allow you to designate both individual and collective permissions and also allow you to control user activity within VDRs.

Additional features of Firmex include a favorable price and compatibility with mobile operating systems.

Merrill DataSiteOne Overview

Merrill DataSiteOne is a great solution for M&A transactions. The program has the proper level of security to allow outsiders to view your confidential data.

The provider knows how to listen to customers, so all improvements have been created based on feedback from users. The interface of the program is simple and helps improve the functionality so that all users are comfortable within the VDR space.

Key Features:

  • File sharing – real-time collaboration and useful collaboration tools
  • Simple advanced search – makes browsing and exploring documents faster because it finds the file you need based on a keyword
  • Activity Tracking-Administrator can see what files users are viewing and what they are doing with them
  • Real-time reports – the software provides automatic reports that can be relied upon when taking the next step during M&A

The control panel is flexible and can be customized to your liking. Additional features include question and answer capability. When one of your users asks a question to other users, an email notification is automatically sent to them so that they can respond instantly. The Data Room also uses 256-bit encryption and a single chain of custody for documents and data.

eFileCabinet Overview

If you’ve been wanting to go paperless for a while now, eFileCabinet is just what you’ve been looking for. This VDR provides a large amount of storage for documents and plenty of features to speed up and optimize file uploads. The data room also uses integration modules that help with data migration. Since most of the features are automated it greatly reduces the chance of making a mistake.

eFileCabinet uses modern encryption methods, the ability to manage file versions, and local deployment. The program also provides constant backups so that your data is not threatened by anything.

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